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How It Works


Effortless setup with any e-commerce platform ensures Recomaze seamlessly blends with your online store, without the need for technical expertise.


By utilizing AI, Recomaze instantly creates personalized product recommendations for each visitor based on their real-time behavior, ensuring a highly customized shopping experience from their very first visit.


By presenting tailored suggestions that resonate with visitor preferences, Recomaze significantly boosts sales and conversion rates, ensuring you invest only in results that enhance your bottom line.

How to engage and convert new visitors without any prior data?

New visitors expect immediate personalization. Fail to deliver, and they're gone. But how can you tailor without prior data?


of consumers expect personalized interactions


of them get frustrated when this doesn't happen

Source: McKinsey

AI personalization engine

How personalization is done today (and why it falls short)

Most e-commerce sites use cookies and past data for tailoring visitor experiences, but this approach is fraught with limitations. Here's why:

  • Cookies are often blocked or deleted, undermining personalization accuracy.
  • Historical data may not align with a visitor's current preferences.
  • Such personalization is static and generic, missing each visitor's unique dynamics.

The cost of not personalizing for new visitors

If you don't personalize your site for new visitors, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Here's what it could cost you:

  • Lower customer retention and lifetime value: Visitors won't feel valued or understood.
  • Missed upselling and cross-selling: You can't tailor products or services to visitor needs.

is your best solution

Stay ahead of the competition

Increase your sales and engagement rate with AI-gamified personalized product recommendations


growth on sales


products added to average order



increased engagement through gamification

ROI-Boosting Features

Elevate sales, conversions, and loyalty with AI-driven precision.

AI Personalization

Tailor the shopping experience for every visitor on your site. Unlike traditional methods that rely on cookies or past behavior, our AI analyzes real-time interactions and multiple product variables to provide personalized recommendations instantly.


Engage new visitors right from the start, increasing the chances of conversion and customer loyalty.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Uncover valuable insights into visitor interactions and preferences, in the moment. Instantly adapt product recommendations based on their current mood and browsing behavior.

Dynamic Product Recommendations

Unleash the power of personalized product suggestions that captivate and convert. Elevate engagement and boost the average order value with highly relevant recommendations.

Advanced AIDA Visitors Behaviour

Advanced AIDA Visitors Behaviour Get in-depth details about your visitors’ attention, interest, desire, and action performance indicators without cookies or historical data. Understand how to optimize your site for each stage of the buyer journey.

Interactive Dashboard & Reports

Experience a sleek and intuitive dashboard interface that simplifies data exploration. Dive into insightful reports that provide transparent and actionable analytics at your fingertips.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate our AI recommendation engine with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or custom stores. Seamlessly implement our solution with minimal development effort, saving you time and resources.

Attribute Maps

Match your product attributes with visitor preferences to pinpoint areas for further personalization.

How It Works

Collect Visitor Data

Add a basic script to your site that enables Recomaze to collect hardware, software, and behavioral data from every visitor.

Analyze & Predict

Our advanced AI algorithms analyze hundreds of signals from each visitor, creating dynamic personas based on their intent, needs, and interests. Additionally, it predicts their goals and desires based on their current behavior.

Personalize User Experience

We deliver personalized, real-time product recommendations that match each visitor's persona and stage in the buyer journey, adapting the recommendations based on their interactions.

Continuously Optimize

Our AI recommendation engine continuously learns from visitor interactions, improving over time. You can track and assess personalization with ease via our user-friendly dashboard and reports.

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FAQ - Your Ultimate Guide to Recomaze

Welcome to our FAQs section! Whether you're an Ecommerce Owner, Marketing Agency, or Freelancer, we've got answers to your burning questions about Recomaze. Explore the sections below to find the information you need.

  • How does Recomaze work and what are the benefits?

    •  Recomaze is an AI recommendation engine for ecommerce websites that personalizes your site for every visitor, even the new ones. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze hundreds of signals from each visitor, such as location, device, time, referral, and more. It then creates dynamic personas based on their intent, needs, and interests. It also delivers personalized product recommendations that match their persona and stage in the buyer journey.
    •  Recomaze can help you grow your business by providing a relevant and customized experience for your visitors. By personalizing your site for every visitor, you can:
    • Capture their attention and interest with tailored content and offers.
    • Increase their desire and action with highly relevant product recommendations.
    • Boost their engagement and order value with upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • How can Recomaze personalize without cookies or historical data?

    •  Recomaze does not rely on cookies or historical data to personalize your site for new visitors. Instead, it uses real-time data analysis to understand their preferences and behavior in the moment. It also uses advanced AI algorithms to predict their goals and desires based on their current browsing behavior. This way, it can personalize for every visitor from the first visit, without any prior data.
  • How can I integrate Recomaze with my ecommerce platform?

    •  Recomaze is compatible with any ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or custom stores. You can easily integrate our AI recommendation engine with your platform with minimal development effort. All you need to do is:

    Sign up for a free 1-month trial account on our website.

    • Install our plugin or code snippet on your site.
    • Configure your settings and preferences on our dashboard.
    • Start personalizing your site for every visitor.
  • How can I monitor and optimize my personalization performance?

    •  Recomaze provides you with a user-friendly dashboard that displays your personalization performance metrics, such as:
    • Sales report: shows the total sales generated by Recomaze product recommendations.
    • Average revenue through product recommendations: shows the average revenue per order generated by Recomaze product recommendations.
    • Prediction accuracy: shows the percentage of correct predictions made by Recomaze AI algorithms.
    • You can also access insightful reports that provide detailed analytics on your visitors’ behavior, such as:
    • AIDA section: tracks your visitors’ attention, interest, desire, and action indicators without cookies or historical data.
    • Visual data section: shows the most recommended, most liked, low interest, and buying interest products.
    • Attribute maps: compares your attributes map and user attribute maps to see how well you align with your visitors’ preferences and expectations.
    • You can use these data and insights to optimize your product selection, content, offers, and recommendations for each visitor.


  • How secure is Recomaze and how do you protect my data?

    •  Recomaze is a secure and reliable solution that protects your data and privacy. We use encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols to ensure that your data is safe and secure. We also comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy, such as GDPR. We do not sell or share your data with any third parties without your consent.


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