Our Pricing

Transparent, Fair, and Aligned with Your Success

At Recomaze, we're committed to pricing that's not only straightforward and fair but also rewards your growth. Our tiered pricing model is designed to ensure that the more sales we generate for you, the less we charge. This means your costs decrease proportionally as your success, driven by our platform, increases.

How Our Tiered Pricing Works

No Upfront Costs, Pay Only for Performance

No Monthly Subscription Fee

Say goodbye to monthly fees and hello to savings with Recomaze's ZERO$ Monthly Subscription Fee. 

$0 to $500 Revenue

It's on us!

We charge you $0 for the first $500 revenue generated by Recomaze each month. Yes, that's right—our platform is free up to $500 in revenue because we're confident in our ability to boost your sales.

Revenue-sharing model

designed to ensure that your success is our success.

Starting at 5% of revenue generated by Recomaze and reducing to as low as 2% of revenue as your business grows, it ensures our partnership strengthens as your revenue grows.


Pricing Tiers

Revenue-sharing model, designed to ensure that your success is our success.

Monthly sales generated by Recomaze Fee
Up to $500 0
Between $501 and $2,000 5%
Between $2,001 and $10,000 4%
Between $10,001 and $50,000 3%
Over $50,000 2%

Zero subscription fees.

You only pay for the extras sales generated by Recomaze.

Guaranteed results.

Our Guarantee: If you don't see results, you don't pay

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