BigCommerce integration

Integration steps for BigCommerce

The Recomaze integration with Bigcommerce is a quick, mostly automated process, requiring just a few clicks from your end and no technical knowledge.
Can be done by anyone.

Duration: 2-5 minutes

Step-by-step guide to integrating Recomaze into your BigCommerce shop

Go to the BigCommerce app marketplace and search for Recomaze.

Click on the Recomaze card to open the detail page. Then click on the GET THIS APP button.

Account Registration
Upon installation, the registration page will appear if you do not have an existing account.

– Automatic Information Fill: Your email and full name will be automatically filled in using the store information. However, feel free to modify these details as desired.

– Password Setup: Enter a password for your new account and confirm it to ensure accuracy.

– Phone Number: Provide a valid phone number for contact purposes.

– Terms and Conditions: Read and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.


Recomaze displays product recommendations to shop visitors through a chat-like pop-up interface. Visitors can interact with the products in a gamified manner, choosing to access the product detail page, add to their wishlist, add to the cart, or skip to the next product recommended based on their user journey behavior.

You will have the option to customize the pop-up’s color to match your brand colors and to edit the text for both its minimized and fully expanded states. You can also decide where to position the pop-up on your website. The initial color is automatically selected from your shop’s colors, derived from your online shop’s CSS settings, ensuring automatic personalization. The text fields are already prefilled.

While manual adjustment isn’t necessary, you’re free to customize it further as you see fit.

The most important text fields are:
1. For the Minimized pop-up

Engagement teaser *
(?)A concise, persuasive message to intrigue the customer.

Trigger message *
(?) A clear call-to-action to incite open the pop-up.

2. For the expanded Product recommendation pop-up

Quest challenge
(?) Purpose: To immerse and engage visitors in a personalized shopping adventure.

The “Quest Challenge” message field is where you create an immersive, gamified experience for potential customers. This message sets the stage for a personalized journey, transforming product browsing into an interactive quest.

Add to cart button message
(?) When clicked, this button adds the product directly in the cart.

End of recommendations message
(?) The text that appears after all product suggestions are exhausted.

Click the Save button and proceed to last step:

Importing products and automatic integration phase

In this last step, we handle everything for you. This includes connecting with your store, installing the tracking script, importing the products, and gathering all crucial information. This information encompasses cart, checkout, and success page links, as well as categories, filters, and search forms.


Recomaze is installed and already active in your shop, offering recommendations quickly tailored for each visitor based on behavioral data.