What Makes Recomaze Outstanding

Recomaze is an Austin, Texas-based startup, launched in 2023 and proud to be part of the International Accelerator's portfolio. We're reshaping e-commerce personalization with our easy-to-integrate AI technology. Focused on privacy and ethical engagement, we guarantee results by offering a pay-per-results model. With Recomaze, every online shop can provide a personalized shopping experience without compromising customer privacy.

Mission and Impact

Our mission is to help online stores grow through the use of smart AI that respects everyone's privacy. We aim to make shopping both personal and safe by connecting customers and stores without tracking personal details. Our success is directly linked to that of our clients—we win when they win. Delivering results is both our commitment and our guarantee.



We pioneer a future where e-commerce personalization puts privacy and ethics first. Our vision is to empower online stores with AI that increases sales and strengthens customer bonds—all while protecting privacy. We're building a world where shopping is personal but always private, and where our growth is tied to our clients' success, rooted in trust and ethical practices.

Why Choose Us

Recomaze pioneers cookieless, AI-driven personalization for e-commerce, focusing on converting first-time visitors. By offering highly relevant product suggestions from the start, it tackles the challenge of generic online shopping experiences, transforming newcomers into loyal customers.

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