Shopify Integration with Recomaze

You can Integrate Recomaze with your Shopify store just by follow these simple steps:


Step 1:  Create an account on Recomaze 


Visit Recomaze and create an account. 

Step 2: Login into your account


Use your credentials to log in to your Recomaze account.

Step 3: Select Shopify and click Next Step


Choose Shopify from the platform options and click “Next Step.”

Step 4: Enter your Shopify Store Domain and “Copy the code below”  then click next step


Enter your Shopify store domain.

Copy the code provided.

Click “Next Step.”

Step 5: Customize the Recommendation interface then click next step


Customize the recommendation interface to match your brand’s look and feel.

Click “Next Step

Step 6: Export Your Product Feed


Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard.

Go to the “Products” section.


Export your products to a CSV file

Step 7: Insert Recomaze Code in Your Shopify Theme

In your Shopify admin dashboard, navigate to “Online Store” and then “Themes.

Click the three dots (…) next to the “Customize” button and select “Edit code.

Open the theme.liquid file.

Locate the <head> section and paste the Recomaze tag you copied from Step 4 anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags.

Click “Save

Recomaze Code Example:


    <script src=””></script>



Step 8: Import Your Product Feed into Recomaze


Go back to your Recomaze dashboard.

Import the CSV file you downloaded from Step 6.

Click “Finish

By following these steps, you will successfully integrate Recomaze with your Shopify store. If you encounter any issues, please refer to the detailed images provided at each step or contact our support team for assistance.