Company: M&C Packing

Industry: Packaging & Containers 

Increased sales using customer-driven AI recommendations from the first day


M&C Packing manufactures and personalizes a wide range of disposable, environmentally friendly carton packaging for the food trade. The cartons are customized with one or more colors, logos, and /or photos, depending on customer requirements. The company specializes in packaging for bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias, and fast food outlets; with special packaging to give your products a visual boost. 

After using Recomaze #recommendation #engine, M&C Packing managed to generate 32.21% more sales from the first day of implementation generating the amount of 8140.57 USD out of the total of 21798.82 USD sales from that day through Recomaze.

Recomaze is helping M&C Packing to increase sales and personalize recommendations for each visitor. 

The Story of M&C Packing

M&C Packing is an independent manufacturer and converter of corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes, and packaging. Their production capabilities include in-house structural and graphic design facilities. M&C Packing offers finished cardboard and corrugated packaging products to commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers. Their customers come from the most diverse sectors: processed foods, clothing and textile, fruit and vegetable, confectionery, games & toys, wine, and beverages, etc. However, the most significant part of M&C Packing’s growing customer base comprises food industry businesses, mainly pastry shops, cafes, pizza shops, and fast-food chains. They offer a range of existing designs to choose from, but they can also develop customized carton box shapes and colorful designs to suit the most sophisticated customer requirements. 

Before the collaboration with Recomaze, M&C Packing’s online store was facing various problems, ranging from customers leaving the online store very quickly – drop-off rate – for reasons such as not easily finding a specific product or not being offered content tailored to their needs, to low sales because customers could not find the product they wanted in the site’s interface and others. However, after working with Recomaze, sales have increased, and drop-off rates have decreased, attracting more customers and retaining some of them, turning them into loyal customers.

M&C Packing decided to work with Recomaze both because of the experience of the founder and the team in digitization, innovation, and sales growth, as well as because of the non-invasive product, without cookies, and compliant with GDPR, being able to satisfy the needs of customers and creating delightful experiences from on the first visit, increasing the sales.

What and how did Recomaze implementation increase M&C Packing sales?

Until the implementation of the Recomaze recommendation engine, M&C Packing’s daily sales were approximately 13,660 USD. However, after implementing Recomaze, daily sales increased by 32.21% to 21798 USD. This was possible thanks to the recommendation system that uses artificial intelligence to uniquely identify each user’s preferences, and map and understand their travel path, thus accurately recommending products based on this to improve the customer experience.

The proof of the sales generated strictly by Recomaze in just one day to M&C Packing can be seen in the image below, extracted from the Recomaze platform:

This was possible only through the simple implementation of the Recomaze platform, an implementation that involves the following steps:


For the fast onboarding process, M&C Packing enters some of the most essential links to sync the e-commerce store with our platform, links that identify the homepage, all products page, cart page, etc.

Import products

Using a Custom Feed, M&C Packing added the products to the Recomaze platform. The feed was periodically crawled, and the item catalog was updated. For using the custom feed M&C Packing was needed to create a .csv file of the products using the template available on the platform and upload it to the online shop.

Insert the code snippet generated by Recomaze in the website header

After the actions above, M&C Packing easily copied the Recomaze code into the website header using the tutorials that explain how to do it yourself using Google Tag Manager, WordPress, or Magento.

Set the pop-up to match the preferences in the Settings menu 

In the Settings section, M&C Packing customized the pop-up:  changed the color of the pop-up, the layout, position, content, display time interval, and pop-up display frequency per day. 

This entire procedure takes 15 minutes to be implemented.

Overall Results

After all this experience together with Recomaze, M&C Packing has visible results in terms of sales growth, with daily sales increasing by 32.21%, from 13660 USD to 21798 USD.

Get started for free or get a demo now and begin to increase your sales through the AI Recomaze #recommendation #engine. 

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